How Are We Doing?

You might remember that back in early January, when Resolutions were all the rage, we posted about some of our organizational goals for the year. Well, the first quarter of 2013 just ended, and we’re proud to say that so far, we’re accomplishing what we set out to do!


We said that we were going to be bringing courses to some new areas. Well, Bam! We’ve added Louisiana and Oklahoma to the list of states where we present trainings. We currently have 13 courses posted in Baton Rouge and New Orleans through May of 2014, and 5 courses in Oklahoma City through November 2013. Click the state names to see a list of all the courses in that state And if you want to see what we have in any other places, go here and choose the state. The resulting page will contain only courses in that state. (By the way, did you get the Emeril Lagasse reference? He’s known for Cajun food, which comes from Louisiana. Too much of a stretch?)


We also said that we were going to be bringing back some favorite topics that we haven’t offered in a while, and adding some new ones that people have been asking for. Done, and DONE! Here are just a few of the new and returning courses.


Planning and Preparing an Ecological Risk Assessment *Returning Course

Environmental Forensics Techniques *Returning Course

Management and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments *New Course

Achieving Water Quality Standards Through Contaminant Trackdown Studies *New Course


*Don’t forget to check our Courses and Subjects page for a full listing of all courses-The year’s only one quarter over, and we're still adding more courses weekly.


So, we think we're doing pretty well with our resolutions so far. What do you think? Please leave a comment to let us know. Your feedback will help us serve you better, so don't be shy!

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