Trace Metals Sampling with Brooks Applied


On Thursday July 21, 2016, NWETC and representatives from Brooks Applied Labs presented an extremely informative and hands-on training, "Collecting and Handling of Water Samples for Trace Metal Analysis." The session was held at the Brightwater Education and Community Center, which was an ideal location. Not only did the center include a training facility, but also easy proximity to a stream where the attendees could practice the sampling techniques they learned in the classroom. After a morning of instruction, the group headed out into the warm summer afternoon, and were guided by the Brooks Applied team as they took some water samples.    


Already, this was a successful day...but there's more! In addition to the class, Brooks Applied Labs hosted several interested students for a tour of their lab facilities.

This added a deeper level of understanding for the attendees, and gave them the opportunity to see where samples go after they are collected and how they are processed.

We're very grateful to the staff at Brightwater, to Amanda and Michelle, and to all of the Brooks Applied staff who took time to share their knowledge and expertise with the attendees.

NWETC plans to present this class again in the future, so look for it on our Chronological Course Listing page if you need to know more about sampling techniques, and want to make sure you learn from experts with hands-on experience.


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