Quick Study

Happy New Year to All! We hope that 2016 is looking like it will be great! 


We're excited to present a new feature that we've been working on bringing to you for while: Short, useful online content by NWETC instructors. Our instructors have SO MUCH knowledge, they can't possibly present all of it in their courses. And of course, not everyone can make it to the sessions we offer. So, we will be sharing 2-4 minute videos of some of our instructors presenting key concepts from their areas of expertise. These concepts are related to the material that they present in their classes, and are designed to contain actionable information that a viewer can apply. We hope that past and future attendees of our courses will find them useful, and that you'll share your ideas for more topics that our team can cover in upcoming videos.


The inaugural presentation is by Michael Fraidenburg, who presents our Facilitation, Online Meeting Facilitation, Negotiation/Conflict Resolution, and Persuasive Speaking courses. His "Quick Study" series of tips for facilitators will undoubtedly answer several questions people might have about facilitating, and each one addresses a different aspect of being a facilitator. In "Quick Study #1", he describes the number one mistake that facilitators make. So watch the video and learn how to avoid this common mistake, then for come back soon to see more from Mike, and from our other instructors.


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