Spring Cleaning


With summer almost here, we at NWETC have decided it’s time to do a little overdue cleaning. OK, a lot.


We’re very proud of our nationwide database of contacts. For the past 13+ years, we’ve been building up an extensive list of environmental professionals from all over: former attendees, instructors, and (hopefully) future attendees. But we’ve got to clean it out.


One thing that happens with a large database is that it gets out of date easily. People change jobs, leave companies, and (gasp) sometimes email servers block our messages! So, what I’m doing a lot of these days is reaching out to people who haven’t opened our messages in a while to make sure we have all their updated info. I’ve also been asking if they want to be switched to our “catalog only” email, so they don’t get more messages than they want. People have been great-responding with thoughts about our courses, letting us know who to talk to in IT if our messages are being blocked, and giving us names of colleagues who are interested in getting on the list. Of course there are lots of “email undeliverable” messages for those addresses that are no longer in existence, but that’s the process. The cleaning continues!


So, if you’re in our database and haven’t seen a message from us in a while, you may hear from me soon. It’s just my way of trying to reconnect and make sure that NWETC is doing everything we can to present worthwhile, relevant courses and course notifications to you. If I don’t reach out to you and you have something you’d like to share, feel free to contact me at [email protected].


And if you’re not on our list, you can enter your email on the lower right of our home page and choose your state and preferred topic areas. (see the picture below) That way we know just what you want to hear about. We may sometimes send messages letting you know about blog posts like this one (or this recent post, in which I describe the relationship between Environmental Training and chocolate covered pretzels), but for the most part, you’ll be getting useful information about our upcoming offerings-look for our Summer Catalog soon!


Let’s stay in touch!


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