Working at NWETC


You may have noticed that there haven't been any blog posts in a bit. That's because I've been on vacation for the past 2 weeks (not trying to make you jealous, just giving some background, so don't click away in disgust!)


Well, right before I left, there was a lot of talk around the office about how there seemed to be no way to get any more of our office favorite chocolate-covered pretzels. Who knew that such delicacies are "seasonal." Apparently these "Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Dips", which are delicious, by the way, are only available during the Holidays.

Everyone in the NWETC office snacks on these little bits of decadent chocolatey goodness, but somehow I have the reputation of being the pretzel fiend. I won't say that reputation is entirely un-earned; I can often be spotted dumping a pile of them into a bowl and taking it to my desk, or simply grabbing a handful as I walk nonchalantly through the kitchen. But although EVERYONE HERE EATS THEM, I have to admit that I'm the one who made the supply dwindle faster than it should have.


So, not long before my vacation, the supply was exhausted. We'd had at least 5 bags at one point, but there I was, caught red-handed (or perhaps chocolate-handed) licking my fingers as I threw the empty bag in the trash. No big deal, we could just get more, right? Nope. We found out that we'd likely have to wait until next November or December before we'd partake of any more of them. That's what I thought when I left for some time off.


Well, here's where the story gets good. When I returned, here's what I found:

Whoa. That's about 30 pounds of pretzels. There are about 20 bags in that box to the left of the screen, and about 10 more bags strewn about the desk. You should have seen my face when I saw this display. And there was a note:


Now that's a committment to employee satisfaction (I type while munching). So, I'd say NWETC is a great (chocolate-pretzel rich) place to work. I'm pretty lucky, huh? And what do you think-should I share?

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