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Creating and delivering prepared and unprepared material that informs and convinces using proven techniques used by professional speakers
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Environmental Communication & Management
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In this one day class, you will learn how to get your audience to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN, even if they don’t want to.  Whether you’re speaking to clients, employees, stakeholders or the media, you need to speak with authenticity, confidence and passion.  Even when there is mistrust and anger in the meeting room, the skills you learn in this course will help you gain the respect and attention of the group.  National Speakers Association member Michael Fraidenburg will teach you how to deliver your message using speaking models that are designed to persuade.

Benefits Environmental Professionals often need to make themselves heard above many other voices competing for attention. Knowledge and expertise is often not enough to show credibility, so adding persuasive speaking skills to your work will help you stand out as unique, and make your message stick. The person whose speech is the clearest and most sensible will define the way forward-make sure that person is you!

Learning Persuasive Speaking will help you:

  • Convince listeners to act on your message, 
  • Inspire groups to accept change, 
  • Reply to challenging questions with tact, diplomacy, and effectiveness, 
  • Know what to say and how to say it when just giving information is not enough, and 
  • Be remembered for the right reasons after your presentation is over.

During the session we also touch on effective platform and non-verbal skills to establish and maintain your credibility as a speaker who has an important message worth listening to.  Through lecture, sharing of experiences, role plays, and demonstrations you will learn these techniques you can begin using right away. Come prepared to learn and practice how to create a persuasive presentation every time you speak.

See the Course Topics Section for more details.



Attendees will receive a course manual containing workshop proceedings and reference material.


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This course is recommended for a wide variety of professionals including environmental risk managers, EPA personnel, regulators and/or media stakeholders, pubic involvement agencies, remedial project managers, installation environmental program managers, technical experts, engineers, scientists, health and safety personnel, natural resource personnel, environmental planners, public affairs officers, attorneys, and others who are called upon to communicate in difficult environments and who need to persuade when doing so.


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Course Topics

Over the course of the day, you will learn to maximize personal impact in decision making, make your message stick, and connect with audiences in a way that builds a genuine sense of trust and rapport, even if the message is not the most positive news.  How?  By learning seven speaking models you can use, beginning the day after the training.

You will Learn to make prepared remarks that inform and convince using proven skills professional speakers use to create and deliver messages in the following formats:

1. Motivational speeches

2. Briefings

And how to deliver impromptu remarks when you do not have time to plan ahead using the simple but effective speaking models of:


3. PPF (Past, Present, Future),

4. OREO (Opinion, Reason, Example, Opinion),

5. DID (Description, Implications, Direction),

6. UFO (Unite the group; Focus the group; and Organize the group), and

7. HOV (Higher Order values)

What to Bring

Be prepared for interactive role playing exercises. Drinks and snacks will be provided each day. Lunch will be on your own.

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In order to guarantee a space in a course, the tuition must be paid in full TWO WEEKS before the first day of the course by either check or credit card. State and government agencies paying with a purchase order are allowed payment under the two-week time frame if a copy of the purchase order is received by NWETC.

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  • With 31 or more days notice, we will offer a 100% refund or credit towards a future course. The credit is good for one year and may be applied to any course.
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  • With fewer than 8 days notice, there is no course credit available

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