Elie H. Haddad

Mr. Haddad is a vice president for Haley and Aldrich where he is involved in vapor intrusion investigations, remediation and modeling, risk assessments, planning and strategy, development and implementation of RI/FS programs, engineering designs, hydrogeological activities, computer modeling, and operation and maintenance programs. He led an unprecedented, and perhaps largest, indoor air investigation at a Superfund site. His work established a benchmark for other EPA sites. Mr. Haddad has used his skills to allocate remedial costs among potentially responsible parties at several sites, and to allow redevelopment of several contaminated properties into commercial uses. He supervised the development of remedial design for several Superfund sites, developed and used soil, groundwater, and air dispersion model, and is an expert in hydrogeological applications. Mr. Haddad is also a faculty member of the University of California at Berkeley Extension Program where he has taught the course "Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Environment". In addition, Mr. Haddad serves on the seminar committee of the Groundwater Resources Association where he has chaired several seminars on various topics including vapor intrusion.


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